Tsim Sha Tsui Lease

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成交日期 Date大廈名稱 Building Name樓層 Floor面積(平方呎) Quoted Area (sq ft)呎租 Rental (HK$/ sq ft )
Dec-18STAR HOUSE 星光行Mid2,273HK$34.00
Dec-18MIRA PLACE TOWER A 美麗華大廈Mid2,567HK$58.00
Dec-18CONCORDIA PLAZA 康宏廣場Low1,213HK$35.00
Dec-18PENINSULA CENTRE 半島中心High2,092HK$34.00
Dec-18PENINSULA CENTRE 半島中心High2,092HK$41.15
Dec-18PENINSULA CENTRE 半島中心High3,204HK$34.00
Dec-18WING ON PLAZA 永安廣場Low1,800HK$52.00
Dec-18WING ON PLAZA 永安廣場Low1,749HK$50.00
Dec-18NEW EAST OCEAN CENTRE 新東海商業中心High1,879HK$34.00
Dec-18LIPPO SUN PLAZA 力寶太陽廣場Low880HK$47.00
Dec-18LIPPO SUN PLAZA 力寶太陽廣場Mid1,154HK$45.00
Dec-18NEW MANDARIN PLAZA TOWER A 新文華中心A座High1,556HK$32.00
Dec-18NEW EAST OCEAN CENTRE 新東海商業中心Low1,421HK$32.00
Dec-18SILVERCORD TOWER 1 新港中心一座High1,500HK$42.00
Dec-18STAR HOUSE 星光行High878HK$37.00
Nov-18SILVERCORD TOWER 1 新港中心一座Low5,804HK$42.00
Nov-18HOUSTON CENTRE 好時中心High1,293HK$36.00
Nov-18HARBOUR CRYSTAL CENTRE 港晶中心Low1,000HK$36.00
Nov-18NEW EAST OCEAN CENTRE 新東海商業中心Low12,151HK$35.00
Nov-18STAR HOUSE 星光行High2,138HK$40.00
Nov-18KOWLOON CENTRE 九龍中心High1,275HK$31.50
Nov-18PENINSULA CENTRE 半島中心High2,092HK$34.00
Nov-18HOUSTON CENTRE 好時中心High1,293HK$35.00
Nov-18K11 ATELIERHigh26,910HK$115.00
Nov-18KOWLOON CENTRE 九龍中心Mid1,530HK$31.37
Nov-18WING ON PLAZA 永安廣場Low1,241HK$55.00
Nov-18WING ON PLAZA 永安廣場Low3,151HK$53.00
Nov-18HOUSTON CENTRE 好時中心Mid1,239HK$34.00
Nov-18LIPPO SUN PLAZA 力寶太陽廣場High1,095HK$46.00
Nov-18NEW EAST OCEAN CENTRE 新東海商業中心Low2,310HK$38.00
Nov-18CONCORDIA PLAZA 康宏廣場Low2,290HK$41.00
Nov-18CONCORDIA PLAZA 康宏廣場Low3,979HK$33.00
Nov-18SILVERCORD TOWER 1 新港中心一座Low1,430HK$43.00
Nov-18WING ON PLAZA 永安廣場High1,234HK$30.00
Nov-18EAST OCEAN CENTRE 東海商業中心Mid836HK$39.00
Nov-18LIPPO SUN PLAZA 力寶太陽廣場Low1,260HK$45.00
Nov-18SOUTH SEAS CENTRE TOWER 1 南洋中心一座Low5,000HK$39.60
Nov-18WING ON PLAZA 永安廣場Mid1,241HK$27.00
Nov-18EAST OCEAN CENTRE 東海商業中心High835HK$39.00
Nov-18HARBOUR CRYSTAL CENTRE 港晶中心High1,679HK$29.00
Nov-18LIPPO SUN PLAZA 力寶太陽廣場Low1,700HK$39.00
Nov-18SILVERCORD TOWER 2 新港中心二座High1,450HK$44.00
Oct-18NEW MANDARIN PLAZA TOWER A 新文華中心A座High769HK$33.00
Oct-18SOUTH SEAS CENTRE TOWER 1 南洋中心一座Mid2,626HK$32.00
Oct-18SILVERCORD TOWER 2 新港中心二座High1,948HK$43.12
Oct-18LIPPO SUN PLAZA 力寶太陽廣場Mid1,440HK$38.00
Oct-18SILVERCORD TOWER 2 新港中心二座Mid1,424HK$47.00
Oct-18MIRROR TOWER 冠華中心High1,490HK$35.00
Oct-18MIRROR TOWER 冠華中心Low1,520HK$33.00
Oct-18MIRROR TOWER 冠華中心Low480HK$33.00
Oct-18MIRROR TOWER 冠華中心Low830HK$33.00
Oct-18SILVERCORD TOWER 1 新港中心一座Mid2,444HK$48.00
Oct-18LIPPO SUN PLAZA 力寶太陽廣場High4,390HK$45.00
Sep-18WING ON PLAZA 永安廣場High1,538HK$43.00
Sep-18NEW EAST OCEAN CENTRE 新東海商業中心Low1,352HK$35.00
Sep-18HOUSTON CENTRE 好時中心Mid1,334HK$36.00
Sep-18LIPPO SUN PLAZA 力寶太陽廣場High1,159HK$42.00
Sep-18LIPPO SUN PLAZA 力寶太陽廣場Low1,159HK$36.00
Sep-18NEW MANDARIN PLAZA TOWER B 新文華中心B座Mid885HK$33.00
Sep-18LIPPO SUN PLAZA 力寶太陽廣場Low1,157HK$41.00
Sep-18LIPPO SUN PLAZA 力寶太陽廣場Low2,771HK$41.00
Sep-18CONCORDIA PLAZA 康宏廣場Low2,526HK$32.00
Aug-18NEW MANDARIN PLAZA TOWER A 新文華中心A座Mid997HK$32.00
Aug-18STAR HOUSE 星光行High592HK$34.00
Aug-18CONCORDIA PLAZA 康宏廣場High952HK$40.00
Aug-18CONCORDIA PLAZA 康宏廣場Low2,228HK$39.00
Aug-18STAR HOUSE 星光行Low4,350HK$33.00
Aug-18CONCORDIA PLAZA 康宏廣場Mid1,213HK$40.00
Aug-18EAST OCEAN CENTRE 東海商業中心Mid836HK$40.00
Aug-18NEW EAST OCEAN CENTRE 新東海商業中心High588HK$42.00
Aug-18NEW MANDARIN PLAZA TOWER A 新文華中心A座Mid769HK$35.00
Aug-18NEW EAST OCEAN CENTRE 新東海商業中心Mid1,202HK$34.00
Aug-18CONCORDIA PLAZA 康宏廣場Low952HK$45.00
Aug-18CONCORDIA PLAZA 康宏廣場High1,091HK$42.00
Aug-18NEW MANDARIN PLAZA TOWER A 新文華中心A座Low1,205HK$30.71
Aug-18NEW MANDARIN PLAZA TOWER A 新文華中心A座Low1,177HK$31.01
Aug-18NEW MANDARIN PLAZA TOWER A 新文華中心A座Mid1,650HK$30.00
Aug-18LIPPO SUN PLAZA 力寶太陽廣場Low3,254HK$43.00
Aug-18STAR HOUSE 星光行High447HK$45.00
Aug-18MIRA PLACE TOWER A 美麗華大廈Mid4,858HK$56.00
Aug-18STAR HOUSE 星光行Mid920HK$38.00
Aug-18PENINSULA CENTRE 半島中心High1,483HK$33.00
Aug-18PENINSULA CENTRE 半島中心High1,112HK$38.00
Aug-18WING ON PLAZA 永安廣場Low4,889HK$48.50
Aug-18WING ON PLAZA 永安廣場High1,234HK$34.00
Aug-18STAR HOUSE 星光行High754HK$37.00
Aug-18NEW EAST OCEAN CENTRE 新東海商業中心High1,905HK$36.00
Jul-18NEW MANDARIN PLAZA TOWER A 新文華中心A座Low769HK$34.00
Jul-18SOUTH SEAS CENTRE TOWER 1 南洋中心一座Mid6,988HK$32.50
Jul-18HARBOUR CRYSTAL CENTRE 港晶中心Low1,525HK$36.00
Jul-18SOUTH SEAS CENTRE TOWER 2 南洋中心二座High1,277HK$29.76
Jul-18SILVERCORD TOWER 1 新港中心一座Mid2,584HK$46.00
Jul-18NEW MANDARIN PLAZA TOWER A 新文華中心A座Low1,177HK$31.00
Jul-18NEW EAST OCEAN CENTRE 新東海商業中心Mid2,397HK$39.00
Jul-18EAST OCEAN CENTRE 東海商業中心Mid1,254HK$45.00
Jul-18STAR HOUSE 星光行Low1,798HK$39.00
Jul-18WING ON PLAZA 永安廣場Mid2,015HK$40.00
Jul-18HOUSTON CENTRE 好時中心High1,023HK$37.00
Jul-18WING ON PLAZA 永安廣場High1,538HK$43.00
Jul-18EAST OCEAN CENTRE 東海商業中心Mid836HK$41.00
Jul-18PENINSULA CENTRE 半島中心High1,112HK$33.00
Jul-18LIPPO SUN PLAZA 力寶太陽廣場High1,367HK$43.89
Jul-18WING ON PLAZA 永安廣場High1,133HK$42.00
Jul-18CONCORDIA PLAZA 康宏廣場Mid5,064HK$45.00
Jul-18HOUSTON CENTRE 好時中心Low1,023HK$35.00
Jul-18RAILWAY PLAZA 鐵路大廈Low1,282HK$30.00
Jun-18SILVERCORD TOWER 1 新港中心一座Low2,848HK$43.00
Jun-18SOUTH SEAS CENTRE TOWER 2 南洋中心二座Low1,168HK$32.00
Jun-18CONCORDIA PLAZA 康宏廣場Low1,213HK$39.00
Jun-18NEW EAST OCEAN CENTRE 新東海商業中心Low1,108HK$36.00
Jun-18CONCORDIA PLAZA 康宏廣場Low2,290HK$41.00
Jun-18LIPPO SUN PLAZA 力寶太陽廣場High1,526HK$45.00
Jun-18LIPPO SUN PLAZA 力寶太陽廣場High1,095HK$44.00
Jun-18SOUTH SEAS CENTRE TOWER 1 南洋中心一座Low8,916HK$35.00
Jun-18NEW MANDARIN PLAZA TOWER B 新文華中心B座Mid1,490HK$33.00
Jun-18CONCORDIA PLAZA 康宏廣場Low1,091HK$40.00
Jun-18STAR HOUSE 星光行High871HK$31.00
Jun-18NEW EAST OCEAN CENTRE 新東海商業中心Low3,567HK$34.00
Jun-18SILVERCORD TOWER 2 新港中心二座Mid1,443HK$45.00
May-18EAST OCEAN CENTRE 東海商業中心High836HK$43.00
May-18SOUTH SEAS CENTRE TOWER 1 南洋中心一座Low1,500HK$30.00
May-18SILVERCORD TOWER 2 新港中心二座Mid1,424HK$44.00
May-18SILVERCORD TOWER 2 新港中心二座Mid1,430HK$44.00
May-18SILVERCORD TOWER 1 新港中心一座High2,047HK$46.00
May-18STAR HOUSE 星光行Low2,138HK$38.00
May-18STAR HOUSE 星光行Mid1,474HK$30.00
May-18HOUSTON CENTRE 好時中心High2,162HK$35.50
May-18NEW MANDARIN PLAZA TOWER A 新文華中心A座Low3,492HK$30.00
May-18NEW MANDARIN PLAZA TOWER A 新文華中心A座High1,650HK$34.00
May-18WING ON PLAZA 永安廣場Low500HK$40.00
May-18LIPPO SUN PLAZA 力寶太陽廣場High1,800HK$44.00
May-18SILVERCORD TOWER 1 新港中心一座Mid1,120HK$44.00
May-18SILVERCORD TOWER 1 新港中心一座Mid1,443HK$43.66
May-18WING ON PLAZA 永安廣場High1,156HK$35.00
May-18WING ON PLAZA 永安廣場High1,680HK$35.00
May-18NEW EAST OCEAN CENTRE 新東海商業中心Mid1,182HK$33.00
May-18PENINSULA CENTRE 半島中心Low2,251HK$33.00
May-18NEW EAST OCEAN CENTRE 新東海商業中心Low2,428HK$37.00
May-18NEW EAST OCEAN CENTRE 新東海商業中心Low1,214HK$36.00
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